Moow - Carpenter & Design Furniture

Moow - Carpenter & Design Furniture

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Why Moow?

The design of living space becomes the design of temporality and flexibility.

Computing and communication make it technology advanced.

A new move on wood is needed. Comfort and welfare spaces remains the core of our design, without these involve unsustainable costs.

We’re a multidisciplinary company

"Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something" Pierre Levy

MOOW’s team is composed by young talented carpenters, craftsmen, awards winning designers and innovative makers.

  • Carpenters

  • Craftmans

  • Product developers

  • Makers


We are

    • Giancarlo Renzetti
    • Head of Production Department
    • Giuseppe Recchia
    • Head of Prototyping Lab
    • Federica Accettola
    • Accounting and Export
    • Fabio Alonzi
    • Management Control
    • Milco Di Gaetano
    • Liaison with UK clients
    • Paolo Emilio Bellisario
    • Design and Product development
    • Gabriele Di Stefano
    • Consulting

How we do it

following handmade quality thanks to the experience and skills of professionals who made of wood their passion, side by side with high-tech machinery and the guarantee of an industrial production.

What we do?

Innovative housing furniture, retail and commercial, office, concept store, pop-up store, art installation.

Custom-made joinery


House décor

Flexible furniture